WSHPs can help business owners/operators meet their energy use criteria while also contributing to the aesthetics, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency of their retail spaces.

2021 Commercial Site_Restaurants

WSHPs are uniquely simple in design, offering individual space comfort, aesthetics, and consistent operation, while eliminating service interruptions due to total system failure.

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Shopping Malls

Developers typically design shopping malls to require similar systems be installed for tenant stores. WSHP systems commonly incorporate common water loops, cooling towers, possibly boilers, and individual heat pumps separately controlled in each space for tenant needs and satisfaction.

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Convenience Stores/Gyms

WSHPs offer sizes relative to convenience stores and gymnasiums, matching heating and cooling needs for year-round comfort and control. Additionally, they offer low operating costs, return on investment, and ease of installation and maintenance. WSHPs provide one of the best time tested technologies available to address these issues, with quiet operation and more space efficient applications.