Buderus SSB Boilers
Buderus SSB Boilers

Modular Condensing Boilers

Buderus SSB Boilers

A stainless steel boiler built for commercial applications with output ranges from 800 to 8192 MBH

  • Dual 316L stainless steel heat exchangers for increased capacity
  • Flexible installation options with a small footprint
  • Equipped with a multi-speed circulator pump on each module
  • Superior non-prorated 10-year limited warranty for Heat Exchanger
  • Up to 96.8% thermal efficiency
  • 40:1 turndown capability in cascade applications


Heavy Duty Commercial Boiler

The Buderus SSB Commercial Boilers were designed to deliver the high quality, flexibility and dependability in the industry. With a small footprint (31.5” x 36”), minimal clearance requirements and output ranges from 800 to 8192MBH, these boilers can be utilized in almost any application.

Cascade Up-To Four SSB1000TL's

Easily connect up to four SSB1000TL together without any additional purchased venting parts or accessories.


The Bosch SSB LLH combination hydraulic, air and dirt separator is a device that combines high performance air and dirt removal with hydraulic separation. Primary and secondary circuits connected to it become hydraulically decoupled thus eliminating pump conflict. Available in 3 inch & 5 inch.

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