EC Series
EC Series

Water Source Heat Pump - Water-to-Air Large Capacity

EC Series

Powerful two-stage compressor that brings high efficiency and function.

  • Up to 30 tons
  • Quiet Comfort
  • Service Friendly
  • Robust and Durable Construction


The High-Performance EC Model

The EC Model water-to-air heat pump provides one of the best combinations of performance and efficiency available. Safety devices are built into each unit to provide the maximum system protection possible.

Quiet Comfort

All panels are insulated with ½" thick, 1.5 lb./cu. ft. dual-density fiberglass insulation for both thermal insulation and noise reduction. For vibration isolation, all compressors are mounted on rubber grommets. Vertical cabinets have an insulated divider panel between the blower compartment and the compressor section to minimize the transmission of compressor noise, and to permit operational service testing without air bypass.

Service Friendly

All units are designed to be serviced from the front of the unit. Schrader valves for the high and low pressure gauges are standard, along with easily accessible electrical box components to allow for convenient diagnosing and servicing of the unit. Insulated bulkheads in all vertical EC Models separate the compressor section from the blower section, allowing the unit to be serviced easily during operation. Panels are removable to facilitate servicing of the unit. Separate electrical knockouts in the unit corner post allow for easy and safe routing of high and low voltage lines to the inside of the cabinet.

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