Introducing Condens 7000

Condens 7000 WP

A new condensing wall-hung and floor-standing commercial boiler series, suitable for larger domestic properties, commercial, hybrid and communal systems.

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Condens 7000
Time to PLAN.

  • Available in natural gas and LPG**.
  • Outputs of 50kW, 65kW, 85kW, 100kW, 125kW and 145kW.
  • Ability to cascade in banks up to 860kW.
  • Perfect for small spaces and low ceiling environments with 570kW achievable in 1m2.
  • Low Class 6 NOx and 20% Hydrogen Blend Ready.
  • BIM level 2 available.
* Terms and Conditions apply.
**When using our LPG conversion kit (available soon)

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Time to ORDER.

  • Single boiler and cascade packs to suit a wide variety of system outputs and hydraulic requirements.
  • Flexible control strategies for Building Management System connection, MEC Remote connection, standard interface or third-party controls.
  • We offer free, no obligation project consultations and site visits to assist with your specification.

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Time to BUILD.

  • Rapid installation time thanks to our new frame kit design.
  • ‘Build from the ground up’ installation concept with minimal tools required.
  • Easy access to the PCB.
  • Save up to 60% on the average installation time compared to GB162 V2.*
  • New touch screen display provides complete control for faster commissioning and fault-finding.

*Time savings estimated and observed during customer installation studies.

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  • Book your boiler and controls commissioning directly from any device.
  • Fill out the pre-commissioning checklist.
  • Secure your desired date.
  • Receive commissioning certificate from Bosch upon completion.
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Time to BENEFIT.

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Installation Videos

Play now! Mount Framing
Step 1: Mount Framing
Play now! Mounting Low Loss Header
Step 2: Mounting Low Loss Header
Play now! Mount Cascade on Frame
Step 3 – Mount Cascade on Frame
Play now! Hydraulic Connection
Step 4 – Hydraulic Connection

Play now! Mount Flue System
Step 5 – Mount Flue System
Play now! Attach Insulation
Step 6 – Attach Insulation


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