Condens 7000 F
Condens 7000 F

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Condens 7000 F

Condens 7000 F

When you need an output of 75 to 600 kW, the Condens 7000 F is the obvious choice.

  • For medium to large commercial applications of 75 to 300 kW
  • Removable side panels and directly accessible components allow for quick servicing
  • Simple integration in a variety of heating systems possible
  • Easy to operate with the intelligent Control 8000
  • Effortlessly change the fuel type from natural gas to liquid gas (and vice versa)



The boiler's compact dimensions and low weight make it relatively easy to transport. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the specially developed X frame and the straightforward flue gas connection, which can be set up either behind or in front of the boiler.

Saving energy

The modulating gas premix burner automatically adapts to the current heat demand. This boiler will enable your heating system to work extremely efficiently even under partial load – so you will save money every day, all year round.


The boiler boasts an integrated Internet interface, making it easy and convenient to control remotely using your smartphone or tablet with EasyRemote or HomeCom from Bosch.


The boiler is available in six different output ratings from 75 to 300 kW. Cascading allows you to achieve outputs of up to 600 kW. This makes the Condens 7000 F the perfect solution not only for single-family homes and apartment buildings, but for commercial premises too.

Technical Details and Documents

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GC7000F 75 R 23

Capacity at 50/30 °C

23.1 kW

Boiler efficiency at 50/30 °C

97.8 %



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