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Condens 7000 F & FP

Our versatile Condens 7000 floor-standing commercial boilers, suitable for all heating systems.

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More power

  • Available in twelve outputs, ranging from 75kW to 1MW
  • Can be cascaded to achieve even higher outputs of up to 8MW
  • Has turn down ratios of 1:6 and can heat up to 95℃*
  • 20% hydrogen blend ready, meaning it will continue to work as hydrogen blends are introduced into the gas grid.

*When used with the 8313 control.

More flexibility

  • Perfect for new and existing boiler replacements
  • Compact frame for easier plant room access
  • Integrates into existing hydraulic arrangements either with or without a low loss header
  • Available with left or right sided panel access, meaning service clearances can be matched to the installation room
  • The frame can be dismantled for ease of transport.

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Our 8313 control

  • Operates multiple heating circuits
  • Internet connectivity allowing remote monitoring
  • Optimise efficiency by detecting faults quickly
  • Compatible with various building management systems.
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Our MX25 control

  • Flexible for simple or complex systems
  • Functional module options
  • Compatible with various building management systems.
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Our project team service

Our team are available at every stage of your project.

  • Supporting with product selection and carbon saving calculations
  • Design guidance, site visits and surveys
  • Tendering process, CAD and BIM drawings, pricing and cost efficiency saving calculations
  • Implementation, completion and after service.
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Boiler commissioning

  • Book your boiler and controls commissioning directly from any device
  • Fill out the pre-commissioning checklist
  • Secure your desired date
  • Receive commissioning record from Bosch upon completion.
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Single boiler installation videos

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Step 1: Align the boiler

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Step 2: Install the condensate drain

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Step 3: Gas type conversion

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Step 4: Electrical connection

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Step 5: Mount the casing

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Burner maintenance

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Maintenance cleaning

Cascade boiler installation videos

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Support Bracket build up

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Plate heat exchanger for cascade

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Adapting the two port motorised valve

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Two port cascade kit build

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Pumped cascade kit build


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