Universal steam boiler CSB
Universal steam boiler CSB
Universal steam boiler CSB
Universal steam boiler CSB
H₂ / Biofuels

Steam boiler

Universal steam boiler CSB

Ultra-compact steam boiler producing up to 23,600 kg/h of steam, built to EN 12953 standard. The CSB excels with its high efficiency rating and its low emissions already comply with future requirements of the MCP Directive (EU) 2015/2193.

  • Large output range from 300 to 23,600 kg/h for pressures ranging between 0.5 and 16 bar
  • High efficiency thanks to the integrated economiser and helical heat exchanger pipes
  • Versatile design for use with different fuel types and as a multi-fuel firing unit (oil, natural gas, bio gas, up to % hydrogen)
  • Compliant with even strict emission levels when used in combination with our burners and controls
  • Telescopic reversing chamber making cleaning, maintenance and inspection simple
  • Easy to operate with CSC boiler control (up to 4000 kg/h) and boiler control


High efficiency for reduced operating costs

Thanks to the integrated economiser, the CSB exploits the energy used even more efficiently, saving up to 6% on fuel. An optional condensing heat exchanger can recover almost all of the waste heat and reduce the flue gas temperature to as little as 60 °C. Very low emissions (to below 60 mg NOx) are possible thanks to the large combustion chamber.

Innovative boiler design

The CSB has been designed in accordance with EN 12953. Thanks to the special helical heat exchanger tubes, the heat exchange per m² of heating surface is improved significantly. The use of inserts in the exhaust system is not required, which makes cleaning significantly easier. Furthermore, the energy requirement for the burner fan is reduced thanks to the low flue-gas-side resistance.

Fuel flexibility and future-proof emissions

The steam boiler CSB can be operated with different fossil and CO2-neutral fuels and with multi-fuel firing units. Thanks to the low-NOx burner and generously dimensioned flame tube, the boiler already reliably falls below the strict EU emissions limits of the MCPD for 2025 and/or local emissions regulations.

Compact design and easy maintenance

The CSB's design has been optimised for easy transportation and installation. The innovative, telescopic reversing chamber makes cleaning and access for maintenance work easier.

Intelligently controlled and ready for immediate use

The CSC control is compactly mounted on the boiler and can be used for outputs up to 4 t/h of steam. Meanwhile, the BCO control is perfect for higher outputs or for using numerous additional functions. For example, it allows for remote access via the MEC Remote, the use of the efficiency assistant MEC Optimize, and the connection to automation systems.

High steam quality, durable, reliable

The steam-drying unit and the generously dimensioned steam chamber in the Universal CSB design guarantee a high level of steam quality that suits your processes. The high-quality production using the latest in welding robots allows for a particularly high level of robustness and durability.

Technical Details and Documents

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Heat transfer medium

Low-pressure saturated steam


300 to 4.800 kg/h

Safety pressure

up to 0.5 bar

Max. temperature

to 110 °C


Gas, oil, biogas, bio-oil, up to 20 % hydrogen