Expansion and Heat Recovery Module EHM
Expansion and Heat Recovery Module EHM


Expansion and Heat Recovery Module EHM

The module increases the efficiency and reduces fuel and make-up water consumption.

  • For the recovery of heat from desalinated water/condensate
  • Increase in system efficiency of up to 2%
  • Reductions in fuel, cooling water and waste water costs
  • Fast and easy assembly, requires just a small number of connections before it can be used



The module recovers a large proportion of the heat from the hot water (waste water/condensate) in the boiler system. The expansion tank serves to permit the expansion of pressurised water. The expansion steam produced in this process contributes to heating the feed water tank. In the down-line heat exchanger, the make-up water in the boiler system is preheated and the desalinated water/condensate is cooled to a temperature of approx. 35 °C.


The module comprises an expansion tank, an integrated heat exchanger for heat recovery, the support structure, and the necessary equipment.

Equipment level

The module comes fully assembled with all necessary fittings and thermal insulation ex works.