Sense II Controls and Modules
Sense II Controls and Modules

Sense II Controls and Modules

Suitable for large domestic and smaller commercial heating systems. Up to 4 heating circuits.

  • Suitable for large domestic and smaller commercial heating systems, up to 4 heating circuits with an ErP efficiency benefit up to 5%
  • Outdoor sensor for weather compensation included in kit
  • Balances the required room temperature with the external temperature to give maximum comfort and economy
  • Advanced, stylish design with clear back-lit display and touch-sensitive buttons


  • For installations where Building Management Systems are not in place
  • Room temperature and weather dependant control
  • Utilises Bosch EMS intelligence
  • Control of up to 4 heating circuits – mixed and unmixed
  • Function-enhancing modules (system separation, mixed heating circuit, solar)
  • ErP system efficiency uplifts of up to 5%
Sense II Digital Boiler Control / Programmer
  • Control for use with single GB boilers
  • Wall-mounted or boiler clip-in
  • Cost-effective alternative to a small Building Management System
  • Control of up to 4 heating circuits
  • Weather compensation – outdoor temperature input based on tailored heating curve
  • 4% ErP system efficiency increase when installed with a GB162 50kW or 65kW
  • Text display and intuitive push-and-turn system allows easy menu navigation
Sense I Room Temperature Controller
  • Very simple to use and removes the need to visit the boiler to change the temperature. For installation with the Sense I control to provide zone temperature control
  • 5% ErP efficiency increase when combining two controls in conjunction with an Sense I control (GB162 50kW and 65kW)
  • Can control one mixed and one unmixed heating circuit and DHW, while also having the space to allow the connection of an additional module
MM100 Function Module
  • Used for additional heating circuit (maximum of 4) or additional DHW circuit (maximum of 1).
  • Can control mixed or unmixed heating circuits for radiators, under floor and fan convectors.
  • Ability to control pump and mixing / blending valve to a temperature set point.
  • For use in conjunction with Sense II master controller and optional Sense I room control.
Sense II Technical Documents

Sense II Installation Manual (PDF 4.5 MB)