Compress 5000 AW
Compress 5000 AW

Commercial Air to Water Heat Pumps

Compress 5000 AW

Compress 5000 AW

Renewable heating and cooling for commercial applications

  • Monoblock Air to Water Heat Pump for outdoor installation
  • Perfectly designed heating system for large scale projects of 22kW to 150kW
  • High-efficiency heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation
  • A COP of up to 4.7 is achieved during heating – resulting in high seasonal performance
  • Can be connected to a higher-level BMS
  • Low operating costs thanks to high seasonal performance factors


Efficient and demand based

Demand-led control through multi-stage power control. This means that the building is heated with reduced output during the transitional period and with full output only when there is demand.

Comfortable operation

The outdoor unit is operated comfortably and easily via the colour touch display on the wall-mounted controller. Optional connection to building management systems for monitoring the system operation is possible.

Compact and quiet

The sound and flow-optimized casing effectively reduces sound power levels and generates up to 66 dB(A) in the night operation.


Due to high flow temperatures of up to 60°C, the unit is suitable for the modernization of heating systems in large projects, such as apartment buildings or office buildings, as well as for heating in new builds. It can be used as a stand-alone solution as well as a bivalent solution in combination with gas and oil boilers. It can also be used in combination with Bosch HIU’s for heat networks.

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Control 8000 for heating boilers