Function module FM-SI
Function module FM-SI

Components for controls and connectivity

Function module FM-SI

With the FM-SI function module, you can simply integrate up to five external safety devices into the Control 8000. For quick fault analysis and reliable heating operation.

  • Integration of safety devices into the Control 8000 for high heating system availability
  • Quick fault analysis via the control unit or remote access
  • Simple, individual naming for each safety component via the user interface


High availability for your heating system

The SI function module integrates up to five external safety devices into the Control 8000 in accordance with DIN EN 12828 – e.g. a low water indicator, a pressure limiter, a safety temperature limiter or neutralisation monitoring. Monitoring the safety equipment guarantees reliable heating operation.

Quick fault analysis

Fault management on the control unit or via remote access using MEC Remote allows you to see which safety device has been triggered at a glance. Simple identification of the cause of the fault saves time and allows you to react quickly.

Individual naming via the user interface

The Control 8000 can display your individual system optimally as a whole. Via the intuitive user interface you can assign an individual name to each safety device or simply use one of the pre-defined names.