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Condensate Service Module CSM
Condensate Service Module CSM
Condensate Service Module CSM
Condensate Service Module CSM


Condensate Service Module CSM

The module collects accumulated condensate and channels it back efficiently into the steam circuit. Also available as a condensate high pressure plant CHP.

  • Secure use of condensate in steam boiler systems
  • Decreases in energy and water consumption due to reduced quantities of make-up water
  • Minimisation of flash steam losses, desalting and blowdown quantities; reduced consumption of chemicals
  • Reduced corrosion potential in the steam condensate system when using high-pressure condensate systems


  • Condensate from steam consumers is channelled, collected and temporarily stored in the condensate service module. A condensate pump transports the condensate back into the feed water deaeration system when water is needed.
  • The condensate high pressure plant keeps the condensate at constant pressure and temperature, thus preventing or dramatically reducing expansion steam losses. The condensate is fed directly to the steam boiler via the condensate pump as required. It is not necessary to deaerate the high-pressure condensate again.

All components are piped, thermally insulated and electrically wired to the highest quality standards to form a multi-functional assembly unit. The unpressurized condensate service module is mounted on a stable support device and designed for installation at ground level. The condensate high pressure plant is preconfigured for open installation and requires a positive suction head of at least 1.5 metres. All functions are computer-assisted and automatically controlled via a programmable controller.

Equipment level

The system consists of the condensate tank, condensate pump module, control cabinet and equipment. The system's piping and thermal insulation is pre-installed ex works.

Technical Details and Documents

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