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Compact hot water boiler control CWC
Compact hot water boiler control CWC
Compact hot water boiler control CWC
Compact hot water boiler control CWC

Controls and connectivity

Compact hot water boiler control CWC

Simple operation and fully automated operation of up to four hot water or heating boilers (master/slave). Compact "plug and play" control with innovative connectivity.

  • Modular complete solution with cost advantage, for all single-flame-tube hot water and heating boilers
  • Intelligent sequence control for up to four boilers
  • Intuitive operation via colour touch display and function keys for quick access
  • Pre-configured and completely wired for quick commissioning
  • Integrated power supply in the compact control cabinet, e.g. for burner and pumps
  • Compatible with all common automation system protocols
  • Optional remote access via MEC Remote for maximum availability


Modular complete solution with cost advantage

The compact PLC-based boiler control system offers all of the key functions for automated boiler operation. With its integrated power supply and pre-configurable control technology interface, the CWC is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to individual solutions.

Intelligent sequence control

The integrated sequence control combines up to four CWC units into an optimised cascade. The lag boilers switch on automatically based on the network flow temperature. The heat demand is reliably covered and the overall system is operated at optimum efficiency.

Intuitive operation with quick access

The intuitive menu navigation via the colour touch display makes operation particularly easy. Four additional function keys allow quick access to frequently used menu items.

Pre-configured for quick commissioning

The control and software are completely pre-configured ex works to suit the specific system and its surroundings. All components are wired ready to plug in and enable fast and error-free commissioning. All inspection documents and system-specific wiring diagrams are included in the scope of delivery.

Integrated power supply

The CWC combines boiler control and power supply in one compact control cabinet. All actuators and sensors are integrated, for example for burner and pumps. The safety chain's switching devices are tested and certified according to the EU directive.

Compatible with all common automation system protocols

The CWC enables a simple data transfer via all common automation system protocols, such as Modbus TCP, Industrial Ethernet, Profibus DP or Profinet IO. In addition, the boiler operator can carry out changes in the operating mode, output specifications as well as other control interventions via the control system.

Remote access and maximum availability

MEC Remote can remotely visualise the CWC user interface. The optional remote access can be used to easily call up the most important operating parameters and their evaluations. On request, the CWC can send messages by e-mail or SMS and enable remote support by Bosch experts.

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