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The Bosch team will support you in reliably complying with the high requirements for water quality and optimising the operation of your boiler system. Alongside automated components for water treatment and analysis, we also offer system-specific training and consulting services with our service and water experts. Using your specific initial situation as a starting point, we provide specific knowledge about chemical and technical processes, take account of safety regulations and implement preventive measures on an annual basis.

Operator training and water seminars – hands-on at your boiler system

Operator training and water seminars from Bosch – hands-on at your boiler system

Qualification and training of the operating personnel is a key factor for long-term and safe boiler operation. In addition to sharing basic knowledge and safety-related information, we also consider the individual features of your boiler system on-site and incorporate many practical elements.

Please refer to the following documents to get an overview of the training content and process – or simply contact us: Customer service inquiry

Operator training flyer (PDF 0.7 MB)

Water seminar flyer (PDF 0.4 MB)

Expertise in water chemistry

Bosch expertise in water chemistry

Chemical dosing in water treatment is complex due to the specific water values on-site and the individual operation of the boiler systems. Underdosing or overdosing often affects the quality of the feed water and this may lead to inefficiency and could even result in operating faults and boiler damage.

We use the system-specific water parameters to create a tailored concept which achieves the optimal dosing, selecting the right chemical agents and in the right quantity. In addition to providing significant savings, your system will have an extended service life, greater reliability and an improved ecological balance. Furthermore, our team of water experts – who are fully qualified in the fields of chemistry – provide our customers with on-site support and offer water measurements for your system over the course of the year.

These services relate to Germany and Austria and are available in other countries upon request. We will be happy to advise you – get in touch: Customer service inquiry

Intelligent assistance systems with a digital boiler log book

Intelligent assistance systems with a digital boiler log book Play now!

It is often the case that tendencies or critical deviations are detected too late or not at all during stipulated water-chemical measurements and system checks. The MEC Optimize digital assistant from Bosch offers support in this regard. Smart features – such as the digital boiler log book – analyse the measured values entered and assist the user with notes and suggested solutions. It can be used to effectively monitor new boiler systems or as a simple upgrade in existing systems.

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Find out more about MEC Optimize here

Safe working in containers and confined spaces

Safe working in containers and confined spaces with Bosch

To perform on-site inspections of industrial boilers via manholes, personnel must undergo periodic requalification under DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) rule 113-004 "Vessels, silos and confined spaces". As boiler manufacturers, we offer annual training on your premises and cover topics such as rescue of persons from boilers, manhole guards and rescue concepts. Participants will receive an official certificate, know the potential hazards and be familiar with the necessary safety measures.

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