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The new ELSB steam boiler from Bosch
100% electric, zero emissions: The new ELSB steam boiler from Bosch

Bosch Industrial Boilers presents the new ELSB electrical steam boiler: Available in six different capacities for 350–7000 kg/h of steam production, the electrically heated steam boiler is perfect for virtually any industrial application. In combination with regenerative power, the system generates zero emissions. The ELSB achieves an outstanding efficiency rating of 98.5% – and it’s compatible with water treatment and control components from the Industrial Boilers portfolio. The Bosch ELSB sits alongside our existing hybrid solutions and hydrogen boilers as another technological option for generating CO2-neutral process heat.

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120 MW ensures district heating supply in Amsterdam
When it really matters: 120 MW ensures district heating supply in Amsterdam

Four new low-NOx hot water boilers from Bosch have been connected to the district heating grid in Amsterdam in order to reliably handle consumption peaks and guarantee the supply as a round-the-clock backup solution. The new boilers – which are part of the sustainable heat generation initiative of energy supplier Vattenfall – can also be converted to use CO2-neutral fuels such as biogas, bio-oil or hydrogen, making them a future-proof investment. Find out more about the project:

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Bosch Heating boiler
Testing and training: Combustion component expert uses Bosch heating boiler

The LAMTEC training centre is not only a professional hub, where expert knowledge about optimising combustion processes is shared. Using a new Bosch heating boiler system and firings from well-known burner manufacturers, the company also develops and tests innovations for pioneering sensors and systems in the field of firing technology.

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RWTH Heating system north
RWTH University is heating with boilers from Bosch

Powerful, dynamic and low in emissions: Those are the benefits of the new Bosch boilers at RWTH Aachen University – one of the leading universities of technology in Europe. Offering nearly 38 MW of power, the energy-efficient heat generators of the UT-M type series heat around 50 large RWTH buildings. During project implementation on site, the new construction of the system in the existing steel structure proved to be a particular challenge. Using 3D laser scans, the responsible engineering company, Kolb, was able to generate an exact visualisation under real conditions in advance.

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Bosch steam boiler UL-S
Bosch supplies steam boiler for hydrogen use

The UL-S steam boiler from the Bosch Gunzenhausen plant uses up to 100% hydrogen from production processes to generate 15 t/h superheated steam. Instead of CO2, water vapour is produced in the flue gas. Boiler and burner with flue gas recirculation are optimally matched to each other and enable low NOx emissions at below 60 mg/m³. In addition to the option of also using natural gas as a back-up fuel, the boiler offers a very high efficiency of over 100% in terms of the net calorific value thanks to condensing technology. The new system will in the future be used at a chemical producer in Poland.

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Boiler technology from Bosch reduces CO2 emissions by 15%
Boiler technology from Bosch reduces CO2 emissions by 15%

Efficient energy generation is a major issue in industrial production. Along with electricity, the demand for steam and heat is very high for many processes. Hans Henglein und Sohn GmbH in the Franconian village of Wassermungenau, Germany, shows how wise it is to invest in sustainable process heat and benefit from attractive subsidies at the same time.

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Bio-oil boilers from Bosch are generating future-proof heat
Bio-oil boilers from Bosch are generating future-proof heat

Completely CO2-neutral with bio-oil and fully automated cleaning for a continuously high level of efficiency: This is what characterises the two new Bosch UT-M hot water boilers in the heating plant operated by Eidsiva Bioenergi at the Hamar site. With up to 30 MW, they support the future-proof heat supply of the third-largest district heating supplier in Norway.

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Stop wasting a lot of fuel and money!
Stop wasting a lot of fuel and money!

Avoiding inefficient operating states and unnecessary thermal losses is an important step towards a better ecological balance. Intelligent assistance systems such as MEC Optimize from Bosch help to quickly detect energy losses in process heat generation and the accompanying CO2 emissions. The digital efficiency assistant analyses and interprets operating data and assists the user with tailored recommended actions. It can be used to effectively monitor energy in new systems or as a simple upgrade in existing Bosch/Loos systems.

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Boiler planning made easy
Boiler planning made easy!

You can access all of Bosch's knowledge and expertise relating to the planning and operation of steam boiler systems on a new website. Using convenient calculation tools, checklists and error prevention tips, we help to make planning simple for you. You can also use the online configurator to find detailed documentation, technical values and order-specific 3D data. Now available from Bosch – free of charge and with no registration needed: