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VRF systems

Bosch VRF Air Conditioning Systems offer a wide capacity range up to 270 kW in one centralised system as well as modular design approach with space saving outdoor units, stylish indoor units and intelligent controls.

This high efficient product range is suitable for any kind of building type like hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants, villas, schools, etc. to be air conditioned. VRF system gives the advantages of individual room controlling as well as centralised controlling, even connecting to Building Management Systems. A large variety of different unique indoor unit models with a wide range of capacity choices allows designers, architects, investors to choose the right product for the application. The system selection software Air Select ensures quality design and gives the best solution to choose the right product. Bosch VRF series Air Flux: AF5301A (C) (heat pump 2-pipe), AF6300A C (heat recovery 3-pipe) and AF4300A (compact and mini VRF, 2-pipe).