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Air Flux 6300A C
Air Flux 6300A C

Outdoor units

Air Flux 6300A C

Air Flux 3-pipe VRF heat recovery outdoor unit with up to 50 kW which is cascadable with 3 outdoor units. This range of outdoor units is compatible with all indoor units and Bosch developed controls. In combination with the Air Flux hydrobox, hot water can be produced.

  • The AF6300A C is equipped with a DC inverter scroll compressor. In combination with 3 outdoor units a capacity of up to 150 kW can be covered
  • Extended range of switch boxes with 6 different models available
  • Smart energy management
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Wide operation range in cooling and heating mode with up to 1000 m piping length
  • Maximum piping length is up to 175 m with a combination ratio of 200 %


High comfort with easy cooling and heating

With up to 150 kW you can design systems for many use cases where heating and cooling mode at the same time is needed. High quality DC inverter scroll-compressors with vapor injection ensure reliable operation. Compressor models have an extended compressor speed from 15 Hz to 140 Hz.

Compact design

The new range offers compact dimensions with a height of only 195 mm for AF-SB 01-1L and 250 mm for other models, and easy to install switch boxes. Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to one port for AF-SB 01-1L, up to 60 indoor units can be connected to one AF-SB 12-1. By combining 2 ports, a connection up to 28 kW is possible. A model with leakage detection is available.

Smart energy management

The evaporating temperature (in cooling) and condensing temperature (in heating) are automatically adjusted according to both indoor and outdoor temperature to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency.

Easy service and maintenance

The digital display on the data transfer module displays the same information as the digital display on main PCB. This allows quick and easy service and maintenance with simple data access.

Wide operation range

You can profit of a wide temperature range in each operation mode:
For dry bulb the range is -15 °C ~ 52 °C for pure colling mode, for mixed mode -15 °C ~ 27 °C.
For wet bulb the range is -25 °C ~ 19 °C in pure heating mode and -15 °C ~ 19 °C for mixed mode.

Technical Details and Documents

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Power supply (V)

380 V

Power supply (ph)

3 Phasen

Power supply (Hz)

50 Hz

Cooling capacity

22,4 kW

Power input cooling

6,5 kW



Heating capacity

22,4 kW

Power input heating

6,3 kW



Connected indoor units capacity (min)

50 %

Connected indoor units capacity (max)

200 %

Connectable indoor units



Inverter Scroll compressor

Fan airflow rate

9000 m³/h

Pipe connection liquid Ø

12,70 mm

Pipe connection gas Ø

25,40 mm

Sound pressure level

58 dB(A)

Sound power level

78,0 dB(A)

Net dimensions (W)

990 mm

Net dimensions (H)

1635 mm

Net dimensions (D)

790 mm

Packed dimensions (W)


Packed dimensions (H)


Packed dimensions (L)


Net weight (kg)


Gross weight (kg)


Contains fluorinated gases?

Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases



Refrigerant factory charge

8 kg

GWP of refrigerant

2088 kgCO2eq

CO2 equivalent of precharged HFC-equipment

16,704 tCO2eq

Hermetically sealed equipment

not hermetically sealed

Part number


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