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Air Flux hydrobox
Air Flux hydrobox
Air Flux hydrobox
Air Flux hydrobox

Components for VRF systems

Air Flux hydrobox

Together with VRF outdoor unit AF6300A you can get free hot water with a temperature of up to 80 °C not only when your heat recovery system works in cooling mode. The Air Flux hydrobox AF-HB is smallest in volume and weight in the industry.

  • Free hot water with the heat recovery VRF outdoor unit AF6300A series
  • Extra compact design with a height of less than 80 cm
  • Several operation modes: setting of mode, room temperature, outlet water temperature and priority for hot water
  • Always hot water available
  • Silent operation, weather curve setting, timer, weekly schedule
  • Sterilisation mode for legionella, holiday mode


Energy saving made easy

With the wide connection ratio to indoor units from 50 % to 200 % you can easily save energy as you will get hot water for free with all Air Flux heat recovery units.

Compact design

The compact design with a height of less than 80 cm and a low weight make the handling at installation easy and gives you freedom when choosing the installation space. This unit is the most compact solution in the industry.

Flexible operation modes

Hot water can be produced with different operation modes according to individual needs, including special legionella programs. Preference can be given either to hot water production or to room temperature heating, depending on current needs.

Hot water always available

With the wide operating temperature range from -20 °C up to +43 °C there is no need for an auxiliary electric heater. The AF hydrobox works very quiet, using weather curves, and additionally there are timer settings, weekly schedules and holiday modes available. A sterilisation mode for legionella ensures hygiene requirements.

Technical Details and Documents

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