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Air Room Control - ARC
Air Room Control - ARC

Controls and connectivity

Air Room Control - ARC

Various functions such as daily or weekly programs as well as a precise temperature setting guarantee a perfect room climate and an absolutely easy handling.

  • Timer function
  • Precise temperature setting
  • Various comfort settings
  • System monitoring


Timer function

Daily or weekly programs can be easily set

Precise temperature setting
  • Temperature setting in 0.5 degree increments is possible
  • Simply enjoy the right temperature in your rooms
Various comfort settings
  • Absence optimization reduces energy consumption as the indoor unit is turned off
  • Function for switching off the LED light on the indoor unit for a pleasant sleep
  • Background light at the controller for effortless operation even when it is dark in the room
System monitoring

Easy maintenance and diagnosis based on monitoring of the present system parameters

Technical Details and Documents

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