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DX-AHU connection kits
DX-AHU connection kits

Components for VRF systems

DX-AHU connection kits

AHU Kits enabling VRF outdoor units connection to air handling units with direct expansion coil.

  • Consists of a PCB, EXV, sensors and a controller
  • Capacity or temperature control by 0 - 10 V signal
  • 4 types, from 1,8kW to 56kW
  • Cascadeable up to 224 kW


Various control options
  • Return air temperature
  • Supply air temperature
  • 0-10V capacity demand
  • 0-10V setting temperature
  • AHU fan control
Various outputs
  • Units with 56kW available
  • 4 AHU kits can be cascaded to reach up to 224kW

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