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Feed water cooling module FWM
Feed water cooling module FWM


Feed water cooling module FWM

The module cools down the feed water before entering into the economizer. This ensures a higher flue gas heat utilization and thus increases the efficiency of steam boiler systems.

  • Save up to 1.8% in fuel costs through a higher level of waste heat utilisation
  • Easy retrofitting to older systems thanks to a small space requirement and simple piping
  • Matched control for safe operation of the boiler and components
  • Quick amortisation, even on systems with few operating hours
  • Ready for operation with just a few connections
  • Simple commissioning, operation and maintenance



Cold make-up water is heated up in the feed water cooling module by using the warm feed water in a heat exchanger. As a result of the feed water cooling down, there is a larger temperature difference between the water and flue gas in the economizer. This enables to extract more heat from the flue gas. The firing efficiency is thus enhanced by up to 1.8 %. The feed water control ensures that the water inlet temperature to the boiler is within the permitted range. Additionally, it prevents condensation in the economizer.


The module is delivered installation-ready on a base frame inclusive of all accessories.

Equipment level

The feed water cooling module consists of an insulated plate-type heat exchanger, valves, pipe connection pieces and temperature sensors.

Technical Details and Documents

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