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Function module FM-CM
Function module FM-CM
Function module FM-CM
Function module FM-CM

Components for controls and connectivity

Function module FM-CM

The FM-CM function module enables you to combine up to 16 heating sources in any way – whether they are floor standing or wall mounted. Smart control functions allow for an efficient and flexible operation of your multi-boiler system.

  • Integration of up to 16 heating sources in the Control 8000
  • Individual system combination and consideration of specific seasonal efficiencies of heating sources
  • Integration and smart control of a central buffer cylinder
  • Full flexibility and smart control of multi-boiler systems


Individual combination possible

The CM function module enables you to individually combine up to 16 heating sources in the Control 8000. The different systems can be operated in a parallel or serial boiler sequence, taking into account the specific seasonal efficiencies. The Control 8000 units communicate via the IP standard.

Integration and control of a buffer cylinder

Central buffer cylinders are an elegant technical solution to decouple the generation side and consumer side. This avoids switching the boilers on and off often, saves energy and improves the durability of components. The Control 8000 ensures an ideal control behaviour and a high level of comfort for all users with two separate temperature sensors in the cylinder.

Smart and flexible control of multi-boiler systems

The expanded functions offer full flexibility for the operation of multi-boiler systems. You can individually configure different control criteria, for example the boiler sequence or automatic load limitation. These are specified either via the control display, via an external contact or automatically depending on the outside temperature.