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Return Flow Temperature Safeguard RTS
Return Flow Temperature Safeguard RTS


Return Flow Temperature Safeguard RTS

The module maintains the minimum return flow temperature and maximum temperature spread between supply and return flow.

  • For maintaining the necessary return flow temperature
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable adherence to operating conditions



The return flow temperature in a hot water generator can be safeguarded by means of temperature maintenance or temperature boosting.


All individual accessory parts such as the supply flow adapter piece with safety equipment, return flow adapter piece, supply and return flow fittings, circulation pump and motorized three-way valve are preassembled to form the ready-to-install RTS module.

Equipment level
  • Return flow temperature maintenance consists of: Boiler circuit pump, Three-way control valve, Return temperature control, Supply flow/return flow shut-off valves
  • Return flow temperature boosting consists of: Admixing pump, Shut-off valve suction side/pressure side, Non-return damper pressure side, Motor shut-off valve boiler return flow, Shut-off valve boiler supply flow

Technical Details and Documents

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