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Steam Accumulator Module SAM
Steam Accumulator Module SAM


Steam Accumulator Module SAM

The module provides additional steam in peak loads.

  • For covering short-term peak loads
  • Compensates for brief power peaks
  • Reduces water entrainment and counteracts its negative effects
  • Reduces switching frequency of steam generator
  • Reduces energy consumption and wear



This module is used for storing a defined quantity of energy which becomes available as expansion steam during pressure reduction. It is used for accommodating peak loads, e.g. if the capacity of a steam generator is exceeded briefly. The greater the water content of the accumulator, the greater the re-evaporation heat.


The steam accumulator consists of a horizontal cylindrical container with a built-in steam nozzle pipe.

Equipment level

The module is thermally insulated and supplied with equipment pre-fitted, ready for operation. The module is fitted with a venting, drain shut-off, filling shut-off, steam inlet and outlet valve, an overflow and overpressure valve, a direct temperature indicator and a water level display.

Technical Details and Documents

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