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Water Analyzer WA
Water Analyzer WA


Water Analyzer WA

Process-oriented monitoring of boiler water and boiler feed water: The water analyzer measures residual oxygen concentration, pH values and conductivities of the boiler feed water and pH values of the boiler water.

  • For the fully-automatic measurement and monitoring of the boiler water quality
  • Increase in operating safety thanks to continuous monitoring of the water values
  • Automated monitoring with constant measurement of the pH value, oxygen content and conductivity
  • Savings on chemicals thanks to needs-based dosing of additives
  • Increased system efficiency through reduced desalting losses and saving of exhaust vapour energy
  • A water analysis device can monitor up to three boilers at a time and be integrated into plant control systems with control technology


  • Reliable boiler operation is dependent on good water quality. The water analyzer continuously measures and monitors: pH value of the boiler water, pH value, oxygen content and conductivity of the boiler feed water, pH value and conductivity of the condensate or steam accumulator water content
  • All data is transmitted to the system control SCO via the bus system. This means that all the key water parameters, including the conductivity of the boiler water and that of the individual condensate flows, are available in the system control SCO.

The water analyzer consists of an analysis component and an electronic component, both of which are housed at the factory in two interconnected, wallmounted casings.

Equipment level
  • The analysis component contains the measuring modules: pH control for measuring the pH value of the boiler feed water and of the boiler content water for a maximum of three boilers, O2 control for measuring the O2 content of the boiler feed water, Conductivity sensor for measuring the conductivity value of the boiler feed water, For sample preparation, flow coolers for boiler water and boiler feed water, as well as control valves for switching and distributing each individual medium, Flow rate indicator for visual inspection
  • The electronic component consists of: Control unit including touch panel, Power supply, Electronics for the measuring modules, Communication processors for data exchange between the water analyzer WA and system control SCO

Technical Details and Documents

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